OAEMS is a voluntary, membership non profit organization 

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to promote and advance the ideals of organized emergency medical services, at all levels, throughout the state of Ohio. To promote and assist in the establishment of standardized training methods and materials for all levels of education of emergency medical and rescue personnel; To cooperate in, and support research designed to advance the science and art of emergency medical service, and to encourage the standardization of practice and equipment when such standardization is found to be practical; To  cooperate with other organizations whose objectives are accident prevention, safety, education, first aid, rescue and emergency medical services. To promote and support mutual assistance within the Association and within other organizations in the event of a large scale disaster; To promote and support a code of high ethical standards among emergency medical service personnel; To promote the general good and welfare of the members of the Association; To aid in bringing about and maintaining harmony by developing a spirit of kinship among the people who are devoted to the cause of saving life and aiding the sick and injured; and To bring together in a common association all organizations and individuals interested in the aforementioned objectives.