The Association of Emergency Medical Services (OAEMS)
Originally founded as The Ohio First Aid and Rescue Association in 1965.

It has evolved over the years and is now known as the Ohio Association of Emergency Medical Services or OAEMS. We are an organization made up of EMS & Fire responders from Ohio and surrounding areas.

Our membership is comprised of both the volunteer and career responder as well as Nurses, Physicians, EMTs, Firefighters and other allied medical disciplines. We work closely with numerous Fire/Rescue groups, Air Medical Teams and The Ohio State University - Center For EMS.  We conduct 4 Educational and Networking Conferences per year, averaging between 10 to 14 C.E. hours per conference at an extremely reasonable cost and allowing EMTs & Fire personnel from all over to share information and learnings, and develop lasting friendships.

Our Conferences Provide:
  • Continuing Education Hours

  • Training

  • Networking

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